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Through that which is seen

Erin Tyner's photography series Half Awake, is richly executed in concept and visual. By creating familar settings within the minature sphere of dioramas, emotions are open to exploration that may otherwise go unnoticed.

When looking at the individual images, l feel a strong sense of emotion and movement. From the lady shielding herself from the elements, to the girl on a walk, whose head ever-so-slightly turns to peer at the lit house in the background. One can almost feel the wind whistling through grass,  pressing against an umbrella, heavy raindrops splashing upon a pavement, or the tension that can be generated amidst the silence of the night.

Creating scenes that tell a story, evoking emotions via the medium of photography is a craft that Erin Tyner does with a natural flair of sensitivity and understanding.

Be captivated!


The beloved place that l call home


The Au peninsula is a shimmering jewel along the lake of Zurich. Having lived a stones throw away from this half-island for several years, l have naturally come to call this place (and its surroundings) home. The idyllic beauty that it possesses never ceases to enthrall me.

The weekend just gone by, happily saw the 100th year anniversary of its preservation. In 1911, a consortium was established by local residents of Au, Wädenswil and Horgen in order to preserve the peninsula's beauty and tranquility. Thankfully, these individuals had the foresight to protect this jewel, which can still be enjoyed by all.

l like the idea that visitors have the means to visit Au half-island by all modes of transport, including the magnificent Zurich steam boat, which on a warm summer's day is just perfect.

With its winding paths, vineyards, and stunning views of the lake, l enjoy a daily walk in all seasons on this much-loved nature reserve. As a creative, it allows me ample space to generate ideas, to gather my thoughts, and to simply enjoy the outdoors at a moments notice.

l took the opportunity to visit the festival on Sunday afternoon, and l found these postcards most charming in their historic story-telling of the Au peninsula. A story that l felt compelled to share...

Enjoy, as you meander thorugh its many woodland paths and hidden treasures.


Introducing Justin Hession


To work with the exceptionally gifted photographer, Justin Hession is an absolute joy! l've had the pleasure to commission Justin on several occasions, and he simply has this natural ability to capture the beautiful exuberance of a moment every single time.

When l look at his extensive portfolio of work, l can feel the rich glow of warmer climates, the striking ambience of an interior, or the drama of a city steeped in rich architectual history.

When l study his outstanding portrait photography, l can feel inner beauty, a second glimpse behind the eyes of another human being. l believe it takes a talented gift to capture portraits with such soulful authenticity, and for me Justin Hession has this rare gift in abundance.

Justin Hession can turn a spark into a flame - which in creativity terms, is highly inspirational.

And so without futher ado, I'll let Justin's photography do the talking...enjoy!


Introducing Juliette Chrétien

I've had the pleasure to work with photographer Juliette Chrétien on numerous occasions. The creative exuberance that she brings to each and every project makes her without a doubt, a joy to work with! These fashion photographs reflect Juliette's indepth understanding of lighting, and her natural ability to approach a project with gentle flair, yet retain the richness of the subject matter. 

On a Seaglass note, it was Juliette's gifted photography eye that brought my corporate identity branding vision to life. Our collaboration is celebrated within the designed banner of Looking Glass and on my graphic design website - Seaglass - Visual Communication. These commissioned pieces beautifully capture the fresh, translucent blueish green hues and unique structure of Seaglass.

l warmly invite you, to continue to look out for Juliette's work on Looking Glass!

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