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A shiny new opening for Looking Glass


Seven magical years ago, the Looking Glass journey started as a drawing - a simple vision of an idea to design an online visual space for creative inspiration. It quickly leapt off the page into the digital world, as a reflection not only of my artist side and to show what/who inspires me as a graphic designer, but also as an invitation to you - the reader, to catch a glimpse of yourself and to discover what makes your heart sing - after all, we are all creatives...in our own authentic way.

Looking Glass is "on the move"... l warmly welcome you to (soon) join me on this new and exciting chapter. New visual adventures abound!!!

(Please note all subscribers will be automatically signed up for the new Looking Glass journey.  Should you wish to discontinue, please feel welcome to contact me directly).

Special acknowledgement and thanks to Maru Saurer for her technical expertise and guidance regarding the new visual platform, and to Patricia Vila Nova for the creative collaboration on making the trailer teaser. 


Thought process...


As we embark on a new year, l find myself thinking about how l wish to shape the next twelve months. A box of beautifully crafted pencils and a copy of the inspirational Flow 2017 diary have set me on my way. 

Looking forward to see on which enriching paths the creative thought process will lead me this year? Without a doubt, it all feels pretty exciting...l feel ready to discover and explore...

"We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world". - Buddha.

Wishing you a year of creative adventure!


Looking Glass milestone


On 1st September, Looking Glass celebrated its first year anniversary. This milestone prompted me to look back to the first sketch that l originally created for my online sketchbook. l happily remember drawing up my first visual, jotting down all the thoughts that were swimming around in my head, and sharing the concept with dear friends and family...

Looking Glass has come a long way since this initial drawing, and l'm delighted with the direction that it has taken - reflecting the many diverse forms of creative inspiration, that l have had the fortunate to discover, thus far on my journey.

The shape is a constant sea of change, but the authentic "sharing of inspiration and creative forms" remains firmly rooted in its origins, and for this l thank the many talented artists that have kindly accepted my invitation, and subsequently graced the Looking Glass stage.

l also wish to take this anniversary celebration to thank all the many readers that have supported, encourgaged and inspired me to share the wonder, and beauty which can be found in creativity.

Perhaps you may just catch a glimpse of your creative self, as l continue this Looking Glass journey...




It was during my visit to Prague in Spring, that l met the talented fellow Graphic Designer Christina Nelleman. It was our exciting exchange of design and travel dialogue, that led me to her blog The Nest. Christina's infectious zest for life, alongside her gathering of treasures in different shapes and forms proved to be the original inspiration for 'Looking Glass'. l like to think of our meeting, as a beautiful twist of fate, a turning point that has subsequently transformed into an enriching journey...

'Sunflower' is the name of Christina's travelling trailer. l find it charming and quirky, a true reflection of Christina's energetic spirit - a passion for design, travel and life all rolled into one!

'Sunflower' surely inspires me to embrace my own sense of discovery and adventure! Enjoy!