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Precious Cargo


It was during the warm summer months that l was introduced to 'Precious Cargo', (gold, frankincense and myrrh) created by glassybaby.  The team couldn't wait to showcase their Christmas creations, which proved to be rather timely, as l was on my way to Cologne, Germany - home to the shrine of The Three Kings.

How poetic to have such a precious gift appear during my travels...

May it be a bright star that leads you into the New Year. 


Fresh air for the creative eye


Founded by wife and husband team, Anna & Nathan Bond, Rifle Paper.Co knows no visionary bounds. Starting out as a small stationary business in 2009 their design journey has rapidly, yet intuitively developed into a global "lifestyle brand" with products galore.

Anna has taken her creative talents to heights of visual impact that packs a stylish punch. l'm impressed how original illustrative pieces have been translated and adapted for different mediums, from gift-wrapping to phone-cases, proving a pattern can travel a visual path with distance.

Two collections which have been picked up on the Looking Glass radar are the recent collaborations with French illustrator, author, and photographer Garance DorĂ© and Lauren Conrad of Paper Crown. Featured above, both give a compelling nod to glamour from a different perspective, a pure reflection of their own unique style.

"We strongly believe life's personal stories and moments are best told through the gift of a handwritten card or note". With this ethos, it's no wonder Rifle Paper.Co are growing their stationary roots and branching out to wallpaper and other homeware products...be sure to check out the carefully crafted gift guide and the enchanting 'Puffin In Bloom' book collection.

A welcomed breath of (visual) fresh air for the creative eye.

*Special thanks to Jill Allemang of jallĂ© GmbH for bringing the Rifle Paper Co. brand to my 'Looking Glass' attention.


Thanks to "belle"


It was at the beginning of the year that glassybaby was brought to my attention in the colourful shape of 'belle' via the Pearl Jam newsletter (l'm a long-term follower of this gifted band, hence inclusion of "given to fly" ). Upon reading the articles, l subsequently clicked on the related glassybaby link. Lo & behold the glassybaby world came alive.

Founded by Lee Rhodes in 1998, glassybaby's journey is an inspiring story of courage and hope, in which Lee faced a battle with a rare form of lung cancer. In search of serenity, Lee felt inspired to fill each glassybaby with a tealight, in which she found a shining glow of healing and hope.

l feel greatly touched by the creative manner in which glassybaby spreads the "power of giving" ethos by donating a percentage of glassybaby sales to various charities. A beautiful concept which enables givers to fundamentally change the lives of others.  l also find the creation of names and stories for each glassybaby makes way for an abundance of fun and many glassybaby discoveries.

Following on from my own discovery, it felt only natural to make a 'Looking Glass Collection'. All six glasses speak to me from a personal perspective. l find a beautiful narrative thread running throughout my carefully chosen pieces. Generating my own sense of serenity, light & hope.

l'm also feeling rather curious as to which unique glassybaby you're drawn too...


Midnight magic

The-Rekindled-PageUpon recently discovering these exceptional lightboxes, l was immediately struck by their fairytale charm - radiating a glow that is original in concept and structure. Created by Deidra, owner of The Rekindled Page, these night lights celebrate all that is beautiful, within the repurposed, upcycled ethos, which is the creative basis of this inspiring platform of work.

Merging imagery and text from vintage dictionary prints, in-conjuction with exploration of re-purposing, the traditional lightbox has been perfectly transformed into a visually vibrant night light object with a twist, allowing the imagination to take flight, upon the silent arrival of the midnight hour...

Magical starry nights surely await...


Treasures of Whippet Grey

Exploring the treasures of Whippet Grey is a journey that l take leisurely, and with joyful anticipation! Nestled within the pages of the freshly printed catalogue are exquisite products that delight, raise a smile and above all inspire.

Whippet Grey is a haven of rare finds that have been hand-selected from far away places - curious objects that engage the imagination. Timeless and expressive in style, Whippet Grey captures the passion for art, travel and clean lined simplicity.

l was delighted to recently discover that Whippet Grey has opened a shop in the charming market square of Old Amersham, Buckinghamshire, England. (A place l hold dear to my heart, as l was a graphic design student there, before l continued my studies in Edinburgh, Scotland). And so alongside the online shopping option, one can now visit the shop in person and browse through the many enchanting hand-made products...

A rich celebration of artistry and creativity - reflecting the true spirit of Whippet Grey!


A porcelain take on the postcard


With summer slowly coming to an end, l have been fondly looking through the many postcards that friends, and family have kindly wrote to me over the past few months. There's something rather thrilling about receiving a postcard through the mailbox, reading about people's adventures, admiring the stamp design, and smiling at the squeezing of text into a designated space.

This witty take on the postcard by the contemporary home and life accessoriesTM company Bailey Doesn't Bark is most certainly an innovative portrayal of the classic postcard format. You simply write (or draw) your message onto the mug, leave to dry, and pop into the oven to bake, and there you have it - a permanent postmugTM set in porcelain.

On another porcelain note, you may also like to check out the Teabag and Teaspoon collection - simply unique in concept, and execution.

Drinking a soothing mug of tea, or indeed writing a postcard has been given a freshly interactive twist!


Playful pencils


The classic pencil form has certainly been given a new lease of life by Margaret Haas, founder of Paper Pastries. The concept of implementing pieces of random knowledge, and phrases onto a set of pencils adds a complimentry, and playful dimension to the functional aspect of the pencil.

Paper Pastries is a haven for people who enjoy tactile, playful stationery, from rubber stamp sets to unique Moleskin notebooks. One can't help but get a warm feeling of printing nostalgia with a contemporary twist, when browsing this online store. Each piece of stationery is hand-stamped, adding to the authentic spirit of bygone days, and the pencil sets come in a fine muslin bag.

On a personal Looking Glass note, the shape of the classic pencil takes me back to memories filled with anticipation of starting a new school term. And l have found to my amusement, that the feeling derived from working with a freshly sharpened pencil has happily stayed with me, in the form of a ritual - before embarking on a new project, l sharpen a pencil in preparation for fresh creativity.

These pencils from Paper Pastries are perfect to carry on this much-treasured tradition.


Coffee & Cake Stencils

Stencils on cakesPhotograph:Marino Thorlacius

Autumn has offically arrived, and with its rich tapestry of mellow colours, glowing in the crisp morning air, my thoughts rapidly turn to freshly-made coffee and chocolate cake. Megan Herbert's stencils place the icing on the cake (and coffee) in an amusing and artful way. With a gentle dusting of cocoa powder or sugar, a knitting pattern magically appears...surely divine inspiration for the approaching winter months!

Intimate conversation over coffee and cake is the traditional Icelandic way of staying updated and strengthening bonds. A heart-warming tradition which l believe can be beautifully woven into the fabric of life.


To Dry For

Puppy_tea towel 01
Puppy_tea towel 02

Who would have thought that the task of drying up could be so stylish and vibrant? ToDryFor.com, the online tea towel boutique most definately raises a smile with their designer tea towels. l came across this engaging website last December, and the above design called 'Puppy Love', in particular drew my attention. l love the idea that this tea towel can be transformed into a dog! Certainly a great opportunity to re-discover your very own haberdashery skills! Set up by founders, husband and wife team Sally and Dave, l believe these quirky tea towels without a doubt, puts the fun back into drying up!