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Welcome to Flow - an exhilarating paper playground



l was introduced to the creative charms of Flow by artist friend Sandra Ondraschek, who on a trip to Edinburgh wrote, "I thought of you as I picked up a copy of 'Flow' (magazine) and wondered if we had talked about it?". lt was early morning when l read her e-mail, yet l felt immediately compelled to discover this sparkling jewel for myself...

Pure delight swept over me as l set out on my journey and explored my first port of call - the Flow app. Smiling to myself, l read the editors note to the tapping sound of the typewriter - just lovely! The attention to each (imaginative) detail was a wonderful start to my design day!

Founded by Creative Directors, Irene Smit and Astrid van der Hulst, Dutch-based Flow magazine celebrates its fifth anniversary and l have a feeling it will continue to flow for many more years to come. 

Published eight times a year and with a recent international launch, (English copy being published twice a year) Flow is a visual feast, offering inspiration, insights and solutions for paper lovers. A paper playground which brings enjoyment to me on a daily basis, especially since purchasing the Flow Weekly Notebook, and the delightful 'Book for Paper Lovers'It's pure joy to plan my agenda, write letters and cards utilizing these two gems as a source of visual creativity. 

Welcome to Flow, a gloriously vibrant hub of paper innovation, a positive energy field which lights up the path of inspirational creativity!

* Photographs: 'Flow Book for Paper Lovers' by Elizabeth Hitchman