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Hanging Up the Moon

Hanging Up the Moon
l warmly invite you to embrace Hanging Up the Moon - a music project capturing raw emotion that weaves (consciously, and perhaps even subconsciously) in and out of our lives. The haunting lyrics and folk inspired genre of music, alongside the charming array of visual imagery has surely captured my creative heart! 

l feel most fortunate to have discovered the gifted talent of Sean Lam - a rich talent with the musical ability to open minds, bear souls, generate fresh perspectives, and nuture the spirit.

With its authentic approach, and celebration of thoughts unblemished, l feel Hanging Up the Moon gives us the golden opportunity to look again ... an invitation to regain the beauty of our true selves. 

Hanging Up the Moon - music download


The miniature world of Amigurumi


Who would believe that it would be possible to crochet on such a small scale? The Su Ami group, a family of five, based in Vietman have, and are accomplishing just that!

Inspired by the Japanese art of amigurumi - a form of knitting and crocheting small stuffed animals, Su Ami - a family of craftsmen with nimble fingers, have created a series of miniature animals, which l feel radiate an endearing charm all of their own.

From the cheeky monkey to the family of penquins, such craftmenship is to be surely commended. l like the way the photographs give a clear perspective of the scale, to which these characters are being created. Especially the wee owl, delicately perching on the end of a ruler.