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Let's Make Some Great Art

Copyright 2011 Marion Deuchars 

In creative collaboration with Laurence King Publishing, talented illustrator Marion Deuchars has designed a book which fills my sketchbook heart with pure joy!

Let's Make Some Great Art  ( Kritzeln Zeichen Kunst ) is a drawing playground for children and adults, which in my mind enables us to keep young at heart. This book allows the imagination to run wild - inviting the inner artist to simply have fun making art.

From playful fingerprints, to exploring the technique of artists like Jackson Pollock, l believe realising one's own artistic expression can open up a whole new world - this book offers such a journey in creative abundance.

l warmly invite you to sharpen your pencil and make your mark!


Hokey Stokes!


My love for the printed book has been enhanced with these intricate book carvings by Hokey Stokes! artist and scientist - Julia Strand. With sharp blades, tweezers at the ready, and a steady hand, Julia carefully disects and re-constructs to give a once-valued piece of literature a brand new meaning, inspiring the reader to look at the book with a fresh perspective.

As a book-lover, Julia takes great care selecting the books for her art. "I only use books that are no longer valued for their content, and never carve rare or new books". l feel this train of thought, beautifully reflects the ethos of giving "out-of-date", or discarded books a creative make-over!

l'm delighted to add, that these creative book carvings can be purchased via Julia's online shop at Etsy.com, or you can personally commission a book carving, utilising a book from your very own bookshelf, via the Hokey Stokes! blog.

Creative re-cycling which is ever so revitalising and awe inspiring!