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4 posts from February 2011


Postcards that come to life


Can you imagine how thrilling it would be to open your postbox, and find one these creative postcards amongst your mail! Created by Anne Paso - founder of Finnish design company Lovi Oy, these interactive pieces of joy, give a refreshing spin to the traditional postcard.

All decorations (in the playful form of hearts, pigs, birds and rabbits) are packaged, complete with string, pre-cut pieces and a set of instructions.

In addition to the quirky and innovative designs, all Lovi products - mainly made of high quality birch ply-wood, are ethically and ecologically sustainable.

On a final environmental note, Lovi have also created a range of 'easy to care' trees, (as part of a planting campaign), to which you can hang your decorations, or simply perch a Lovi bird, to welcome in Spring!


Paper theatre at play


lt was simply love at first sight when l came across Elly MacKay's paper theatre creations. Elly's Paper Theatre Portfolio exhibits a rich plethora of 3-D visuals, enticing the imagination to overflow with story-telling imagery that leads one into enchanting worlds of make-believe.

l was particularly captivated by the piece (shown here) titled 'Shadow-Play'. l adore the vintage illustration combined with the shadow technique.

The other element of the creations that l also find most endearing, are the words that Elly often writes to compliment her images.

eg."Harvesting the Weather - She collected all types of weather, though she kept the autumn winds in a preferred spot in the top drawer of her collection cabinet". How charming is this!

With much jubilation, l cordially invite you to take your seat at the Paper Theatre!


Room with a unique view


As a graphic designer who appreciates the beauty, and values of white space, l find this project called "Edition Unikat II" created by sculptor  Simon Schubert completely mesmerizing! The intricate folding, and creasing of lines to re-construct the grand interior of a villa (in the style of the Arts Foundation "Villa de bank" in Enschede, Netherlands), magically transforms the humble piece of paper into a visual joy to behold!

Creating a tranquil setting, which soothes the mind, l simply wish to gently make my way up the staircase, and continue my walk...


A shining light


During these early sunsetting winter days, l believe light can have a positive effect on our wellbeing.These paper-cut lighting designs created by Hannah Nunn surely generate a warm and welcoming ambience.

Largely inspired by the botanical world, Hannah creates light in many shapes and sizes - from the classical table lamp, to the whimsical floating fairy light.

In 2005, Hannah set up her own light and craft boutique called Radiance, a treasure haven for all things bright, beautiful and unusual.

l warmly invite you to not switch your main light on until Spring, and immerse yourself under the enchanting glow of these lighting creations!