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The beloved place that l call home


The Au peninsula is a shimmering jewel along the lake of Zurich. Having lived a stones throw away from this half-island for several years, l have naturally come to call this place (and its surroundings) home. The idyllic beauty that it possesses never ceases to enthrall me.

The weekend just gone by, happily saw the 100th year anniversary of its preservation. In 1911, a consortium was established by local residents of Au, W├Ądenswil and Horgen in order to preserve the peninsula's beauty and tranquility. Thankfully, these individuals had the foresight to protect this jewel, which can still be enjoyed by all.

l like the idea that visitors have the means to visit Au half-island by all modes of transport, including the magnificent Zurich steam boat, which on a warm summer's day is just perfect.

With its winding paths, vineyards, and stunning views of the lake, l enjoy a daily walk in all seasons on this much-loved nature reserve. As a creative, it allows me ample space to generate ideas, to gather my thoughts, and to simply enjoy the outdoors at a moments notice.

l took the opportunity to visit the festival on Sunday afternoon, and l found these postcards most charming in their historic story-telling of the Au peninsula. A story that l felt compelled to share...

Enjoy, as you meander thorugh its many woodland paths and hidden treasures.


A stitch in time


Stitching doesn't immediately spring to mind when one thinks of illustration, which leads me to believe that the work from Peter Crawley gives an impressive fresh perspective on this medium.

Each piece is intricately created by hand piercing watercolour paper with a pin, the paper is then stitched with a needle and cotton thread.

With this knowledge in mind, l carefully considered which images to share on Looking Glass, with the purpose to show each stitch and piece of thread in minute detail.

The varied choice of project, from typographic solutions, to stream-lined architectural structure, is glorious in form and precision. l also adore how the multi-coloured threads become an integral part of the illustration (as shown in the piece 'January'). Beautiful!

A particular illustration that instantly caught my imagination, was the piece 'Joy of Living', (shown here in the centre of the three visuals). Inspired by the Ishihara Plate test for colour-blindness, the illustration was created as part of a 'joy of living charity' project.

"Joy can sometimes feel very distant or become hard to see. However, it is always present and we never lose it, sometimes we just need to look a little harder". (Extract from Peter Crawley's website)

Looking with a close eye at the stitched illustrations from Peter Crawley, l would conclude, this to be very true indeed.


What to eat in April...

l was thrilled when illustrator, Emma Dibben kindly accepted my invitation to be a part of Looking Glass! l've been an avid collector of her food illustrations since being introduced to her work via the magazine publication - Waitrose Food Illustrated.

l find Emma's "sketch" style of illustration celebrates the seasonal offerings in a warm and welcoming manner, tempting the reader to visit their local market, and purchase fresh produce.

The rendering of additional ink/paint spatterings that accompany the main illustrations, in particular lend themselves to the idea of a much-used cookbook, which l feel adds to the charm of Emma's work.

A splash of colour, the tonal hues of a fruit or vegetable, and the attention to detail to capture the contours of a herb or leaf, makes these illustrations a mouth-watering experience - bringing them vividly to life!

As a person who enjoys cooking with fresh ingredients, Emma's drawings, simply inspire me to try my hand at new recipes and techniques. Although, l have to confess, l do indeed have a soft spot for the classical dish - rhubarb crumble with a dash of vanilla sauce.

Spring has joyously arrived, and so on this note, l warmly invite you to taste the culinary delights of April!


Celebrating the delights of Edinburgh


This vivid 'Edinburgh Skyline' screen-print by illustrator Kate McLelland joyously takes me back to my halcyon student days spent at Edinburgh College of Art (ECA). l was thrilled to discover that Kate is now studying for her MA in Illustration at this innovative college. l'm truly delighted to have a fellow ECA student join me on Looking Glass!

The rich and opaque colour tones of green and orange capture the magical charm of this vibrant Scottish capital, and l adore the simplistic forms of the famous landmarks, such as Edinburgh Castle and Calton Hill. l can almost hear the playing of the bagpipes, as l view this captivating scene.

l find the style of Kate McLelland's illustration work bold in shape and colour, which speaks to me in a beautiful contemporary, yet elegant manner. Creating simple clean lines while still retaining an eye for detail.

Beloved Edinburgh, with its nooks and crannies, is a treasured memory, and has become a well of creativity that l will lovingly continue to draw inspiration from.


Dala horses with a contemporary twist

Jennifer kate_dala horses

As mentioned in my Christmas post, l am thrilled to follow-up with more creative work from Australian designer, Jennifer Kate and share with you another collection from Jennifer's on-line store.

l adore the idea that a hand-crafted wooden object, in the shape of the traditional Swedish Dala Horse can inspire such bright and contemporary illustrations. The Dala Horse card collection consists of five designs in shades of blues and greens which l feel instantly generates a charming fresh spring note!

l also admire and applaud the environmental and ethical aspect that Jennifer brings to her work, as the collections are made with 100% recycled paper.

Tradition given a modern twist - l love it!


Fashion illustrations with a curious twist

A Modern Curiosity_-2

My love for fashion illustration, and tactile objects in the form of fabrics, thread, and ribbon that can be easily kept within a haberdashery box, led me to illustrator, Linda Bennett. Her unique use of mixed media which includes old postcards, textiles and paper, with fashion illustrations lights up my eyes! This vibrant piece called 'A Modern Curiosity' fully encompasses Linda's passion for fashion and illustration, with its graceful, yet striking presence. l particulary find the colourful 3-dimensional effect inspiring - one can almost touch those beautiful shiny pearls!

With its illustrative 1920's 'strike a pose' - reminiscent of the musical film - 'Thoroughly Modern Millie', l feel this work captures the true nature of fashion in a demure and fun-loving way.

A modern twist on a past-time that surely is a curiosity!