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Tales of far-away lands & adventure

La-Casuni atelier

"La Casuni" is a world where fairytales and imagery of far-away lands leap off the page and enrich the imagination. Born and raised in Rosario, Argentina, Valeria Cis has created a space that merges her talent for illustration with childhood memories of engaging story-telling.

l am captivated by the bold, colourful, surreal style of Valeria's drawings. And l smiled when l explored the "La Casuni" website. An inviting, delightful space which reflects the fairytale themes with such delicate, whimiscal enchantment.

l can clearly see why the "La Casuni" atelier has generated much global success within the creative realms of illustrating children's books.

And l do feel a sense of excitement when l glance through the many online platforms which Valeria Cis has joined - sharing her richly illustrative tales of far-away adventure.

Be whisked away...


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Congrats for this wonderful and deserved comment on Valeria's work. She is a talented hard working illustrator of whom we are very proud here in Rosario.

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