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Upcycling journey of flowing inspiration

l was thrilled to recently discover a fellow blogger writing about Looking Glass and sharing my sketch-book work on her blog. Titled "My Book of Inspiration", l read the posting with a smile.

Altered Fantasy founded by Mahe Zehra Husain (MZ), is an art blog dedicated to upcycling items into higher quality forms, with the clear objective to help turn the world into a greener environment. MZ has recently created a new upcycling blog platform, which extends her passion for altering forms, enticing the reader to participate in the creative realm of seeing the world in a new (green) light.

On an inspirational note, this blog posting is a shining example of how the concept of Looking Glass is being visually realised - a creative online catalyst to inspire and generate ideas...

A richful surge of creative energy is surely bursting onto our screens, flowing into our minds, and giving us 'food for thought' thanks to the powerful platform of the blog.

May it long continue to serve as a rich source of inspiration.