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A quote beset with typographic jewels


I recently had the immense pleasure to work again with jallĂ© and design a set of materials for a client workshop. One element of the design brief was to create an A6 postcard depicting a quote from fashion & style icon, Coco Chanel.

In homage to the 'Little Black Dress', (highly associated with Chanel), it deemed only natural to start with a black canvas. The exploration of typographic language led me to select a serif typeface for the quote, to which l reversed out in white, giving a strong contrast to the solid background.

With a vision of traditional elegance taking shape, further dialogue took place, and the idea of adding a splash of colour was born.

My thoughts soon turned back to Chanel, as l pondered on another quote from the iconic 20th century fashion designer, "Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory".

Symbolised by orange quotation marks, l visualise the quote as being beset with a pair of jeweled earrings. l wonder if Coco Chanel would view this as wearing just the right amount of accessory?

l'd like to think so.


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Of course I already knew you drew from the little black dress metaphorin choosin the background. I found the quote marks as jewelry and "remove one accessory" interpretation added such a sparkle to the description. Such a fitting touch. Made me smile. We are privileged to often hear your perspectives that guide your design. They always help increase our creativity in the overall piece we are developing. I think it is great that you also share them on your blog.

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