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Safari reflections

It's astonishing how quickly time passes by, as it feels like only yesterday that l took flight and explored the vast wilderness grasslands of Kenya. You may recall a previous posting that acted as a prelude to my travels - The perfect journal .

It certainly proved to be the model pocket companion...a blank canvas wrapped in leather, waiting to be filled with colourful visual stories recreated by gaslight...

This page taken from my journal, reflects the area that l was most fortunate to experience - the breathtaking Tsavo National Park.

On the right-hand page, is a winding path, which leads to a circular campfire place. It was here, that we were told African stories late into the night. And by day, the majestic beauty of Mount Kilimanjaro could be admired in all its glory!

Following the campfire evening, our local guide graciously gave me a hand-crafted gift, which in English is known as the Toothbrush Tree. Karithca kindly wrote down the different names directly onto the dental tool. The Maasi name is Oremit, in Swahli it means Mswaki, and the botantical name is Salvadora perscia.  l've placed this heart-warming gift in the middle of my journal montage, as a symbol of the culture embraced, and the friendships made throughout my travel. 

Observing wildlife in their natural habitat was simply a dream come true - generating treasured memories that remain close to my heart and have become part of my Safari reflections.

* l warmly invite you to explore (in more detail) my Safari montage by 'double-clicking' on the image.


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