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On your marks, get set, go,



As a nine year-old, the world's biggest sporting event of 1984 generated within me a compelling sense of aspiration, as it reflected how dreams, with an input of hard work, dedication, and belief can be transformed into a beautiful tangible form of reality.

l also recall making a promise to myself that should such an event be hosted in my home country, that l would take up the opportunity to attend. This promise is now happily being realised.

l warmly invite you to be inspired!

(NB: The above text is intended solely as a form of self-expression, and not to be associated with any external sources).


How does your garden grow?


Indeed! How does your garden grow? A question l asked myself, when l discovered these intricate bowls of nature. Created by Yorkshire Dale textile artist, Anne Honeyman, each bowl vibrantly tells its own botanical story, from meadow, hedgerow to cottage garden.

Alongside the intelligent use of colour, and delicately crafted structure, l also like the way the bowls tilt at an angle, allowing movement to subtlety reflect the natural flow of nature's habitat.

Anne Honeyman specialises in machine embrodiery, and yet also draws on a broad range of techniques from felting to metalwork to reflect the recurring theme of the environment - questioning man's impact upon it, as she weaves her textile magic.

Nestling gently in the palm of your hands, these richly embroided creations, truly capture the vivid impressions of a warm summers day!