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Through that which is seen

Erin Tyner's photography series Half Awake, is richly executed in concept and visual. By creating familar settings within the minature sphere of dioramas, emotions are open to exploration that may otherwise go unnoticed.

When looking at the individual images, l feel a strong sense of emotion and movement. From the lady shielding herself from the elements, to the girl on a walk, whose head ever-so-slightly turns to peer at the lit house in the background. One can almost feel the wind whistling through grass,  pressing against an umbrella, heavy raindrops splashing upon a pavement, or the tension that can be generated amidst the silence of the night.

Creating scenes that tell a story, evoking emotions via the medium of photography is a craft that Erin Tyner does with a natural flair of sensitivity and understanding.

Be captivated!