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3 posts from October 2011


Creating a visual voice = playtime


I've been creating "visual ideas" sketchbooks for quite some time, and l thought it would be fun to share some of my tactile books with you on my online sketchbook - Looking Glass.

l tend to start visual thinking in my head, which then leads me to carve out my visions onto paper via my A5/A6 sketchbooks. l have started to see my sketchbooks as a journey - a space in time that evolves with the development of ideas, yet leaving a colourful reflection of a "moment in time".

It's always exciting to start a new fresh book with bare crisp white pages, as l never quite know the direction l may go with my thoughts, and the vibrant forms that start to take shape never ceases to give joy in my quest to quench my creative thirst.

Whether it be a textured piece of paper, a tactile cut of fabric, a charming illustration that perfectly fits a visual that l am creating, or the written word that matches the mood, for a vision that is taking form in my mind...l have fun playing around with concepts, giving them a visual voice that l eagerly seek as an artist/designer, yet generating a long-lasting piece of "pictorial happiness" for the intended recipient is truly the reflective objective.

Such playtime makes my soul sing.


Classic objects with a paper twist


WOW! This was the first word that came to mind, when l discovered these glorious paper creations by textile designer/artist, Jennifer Collier.

l look with awe at the magic that is woven to design such classic objects from paper. Treating paper as a piece of cloth, and utilising various textile techniques, Jennifer creatively explores the art of re-construction  - breathing new life into objects, and materials that may be discarded or simply forgotten...

Serving as a vibrant form of creative inspiration, the artistry of paper, can be found not just in its natural form, and transformation, but also in its ability to inspire.

How profoundly beautiful!


The perfect journal


l've just returned from a breathtaking Safari trip to Kenya, and to document my journey, l took with me what can only be described as the perfect journal.

Shortly before my travels, l was thrilled to come across the work of East Minnesota artist Nicole Aufderhar - founder of Wayfaring Art, as her hand-stitched leather creations truly brought to life my vision of the perfect journal.

Largely influenced by the rustic beauty of northern Minnesota, and the shores of Lake Superior, Nicole's art reflects a raw essence of authencity, clearly demonstrating her passion for this craft.

Elegantly finished with a tree-embossed brass button, this chosen leather journal proved to be a charming, and inspirational companion, whilst exploring the enriched wildlife grass plains of Kenya.

I warmly invite you to keep a look-out for a follow-up to this posting, showing this classic Wayfaring Art journal in creative use...