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4 posts from May 2011


Taking a walk on the wild side

The-wild-bunch ©Mibo. All rights reserved

When l look into the big, colourful eyes of these paper animals - aptly named, 'The Wild Bunch ', l can't help but be amused! Founded by Madeleine Rogers in 2001, Mibo has creatively expanded its original collection of designer lampshades to textiles and paper projects.

'The Wild Bunch' is one set out of six paper animal kits that can be purchased, and brought to life with the simple tools of scissors, a ruler and glue.

For as long as l can remember, l've been particularly fascinated by the structure and nature of the giraffe. To combine the thrill of assembling an endearing 3-D version of this beautiful creature, and to admire it's shape and form when completed, truly captures the spirit of paper play.

l for one, am most delighted to learn that Mibo has extended its range of lighting and homewares to paper projects, which l feel will create much enjoyment for children and adults alike.

Have fun exploring the wild side!


A stitch in time


Stitching doesn't immediately spring to mind when one thinks of illustration, which leads me to believe that the work from Peter Crawley gives an impressive fresh perspective on this medium.

Each piece is intricately created by hand piercing watercolour paper with a pin, the paper is then stitched with a needle and cotton thread.

With this knowledge in mind, l carefully considered which images to share on Looking Glass, with the purpose to show each stitch and piece of thread in minute detail.

The varied choice of project, from typographic solutions, to stream-lined architectural structure, is glorious in form and precision. l also adore how the multi-coloured threads become an integral part of the illustration (as shown in the piece 'January'). Beautiful!

A particular illustration that instantly caught my imagination, was the piece 'Joy of Living', (shown here in the centre of the three visuals). Inspired by the Ishihara Plate test for colour-blindness, the illustration was created as part of a 'joy of living charity' project.

"Joy can sometimes feel very distant or become hard to see. However, it is always present and we never lose it, sometimes we just need to look a little harder". (Extract from Peter Crawley's website)

Looking with a close eye at the stitched illustrations from Peter Crawley, l would conclude, this to be very true indeed.


ABC, easy as 123...


Designed by Kana Nakanishi, the "ABC -  Atelier Book Chair " is certainly an innovative piece of product design that generates many a smile.

Made of hinoki (Japanese cypress) from Nishiawakura village Okayama prefecture, this portable drawing set is light enough for a child to carry - a perfect tool for the young budding artist.

"ABC" looks like a wooden suitcase, yet once opened, it immediately turns into a creative space. There are detachable pockets to store drawing tools, a place for a sketchbook, and a seat board, which can be attached to the main body to form a stool. How resourceful!

l hold a firm belief that creativity in the form of play, and exploration is an integral part of childhood. With this in mind, l feel "ABC" to be a rather inspiring and creative starting kit for children of today.

Have fun!


Aspects of life - made out of paper


Imagine my delight when l came across daily life being reflected through the delicate form of paper! Designed by Japanese architect Naoki Terada who established Terada Mokei this year, the 1/100 Architectural Model Accessories Series is simply a playground of paper bliss!

Displayed here is the N0.9 Orchestra and No.1 Housing series.

The beauty of the 1/100 Architectural Model Accessories Series, is the interaction that it immediately generates. Each set comes as a self-assembly kit, so by simply popping out the pieces and folding them into place, you can create your very own world. What fun!

With a full orchestra coming to life, and a cyclist enjoying a ride while a dog looks on. One can't help but become enchanted!

l do believe that the basic concept of the self-assembly model kit has been given a new lease of life via the extraordinary 1/100 Architectural Model Accessories Series.