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4 posts from December 2010


Charming Christmas creations

l am feeling rather excited, as the charming lantern decoration that l ordered from (previously posted) Uponafold recently arrived in my mailbox. It's a much-loved tradition in my household to dress the tree on Christmas Eve, and l'm looking forward to finding a home for my reindeer illustrated lantern decoration amongst the Nordman fir branches.

Designed by Australian designer Jennifer Kate, l find this collection of  Christmas creations happily brings the childsplay out of me! l'm going to enjoy cutting, and folding along the lines to assemble my  colourful paper ornament.

l plan to write more about the creative work from Jennifer Kate in the New Year,  so please watch this space for more details and a link to Jennifer's website...

For now, and on a final creative festive note, l would like to wish you a magical Christmas and an inspirational New Year for 2011!



Beauty reflected in miniature

l gleefully discovered Canadian born Cybèle Young and her work when l was exploring the online paper store Upon A Fold. l immediately felt drawn into her miniature world of art! Utilizing paper and etchings, Cybèle creates a world of wonder that can be amusing and thought-provoking in subject matter.

l find her ideas expressed through the delicate texture of japanese paper and illustration full of  visual charm and wit. In particular, the two pieces shown here 'l found it over there' and 'We'll have to change our plans' captivate the humour and surreal beauty that runs through her work.

l feel inspired by the idea of creating witty pieces of art out of everyday objects!

l believe Cybèle's art does just that. Enjoy the beauty!


Letterpress finesse!



Having recently completed a birthday visual piece, which celebrated the traditional Letterpress printing technique, parallel with my thoughts slowly turning to 2011, l feel most fortunate to have come across this beautifully designed calendar project from Linda & Harriet.

Based in New York, Linda & Harriet is run by designer Liz Libre & marketer John Libre. The well-loved Letterpress technique is at the heart of their monthly projects, and l find this particular calender idea captures the fine art of the Letterpress form in a visually inspiring manner.

Wellington boots illustrating the month of April! Delightfully quirky and amusing to the eye, which will surely bring a smile to those April showers!

Another aspect of this calender that also makes it fun, is the postcard feature on the back, enticing you to cut and send at the end of each month.

Simply an aesthetically pleasing, interactive and collective piece!



My creative space

My creative space

Welcome to my Seaglass creative space!

Please take your time to look around at the walls that encapsulate me, while l work on many a design project. As a graphic design student it swiftly became second-nature to adorn my play area with patchworks of art & design inspiration, and the desire to surround myself with images has continued into my professional life, which l believe enriches my design thought process.

Here you will see a mixture of creative projects that l have been most fortunate to work on, alongside visuals that l have collected from other artists that serve as a continuous form of inspiration.

l like to refresh my view every so often, and so on this note l wish to invite you to look out for creative space updates on Looking Glass - my visual on-line (sharing) sketch book.

Enjoy - become inspired!