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4 posts from October 2010


The Greatest Show on Earth

As a graphic designer who takes great pleasure in working with typography, l truly admire this entertaining, and dynamic vintage circus inspired piece by Daisy Lew. It reminds me how much fun it is to play with type. Just watch how the acrobatic 'H ' performs an elongated handstand. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, as the circus audience, l accordingly invite you to applaud the Greatest Show on Earth!





It was during my visit to Prague in Spring, that l met the talented fellow Graphic Designer Christina Nelleman. It was our exciting exchange of design and travel dialogue, that led me to her blog The Nest. Christina's infectious zest for life, alongside her gathering of treasures in different shapes and forms proved to be the original inspiration for 'Looking Glass'. l like to think of our meeting, as a beautiful twist of fate, a turning point that has subsequently transformed into an enriching journey...

'Sunflower' is the name of Christina's travelling trailer. l find it charming and quirky, a true reflection of Christina's energetic spirit - a passion for design, travel and life all rolled into one!

'Sunflower' surely inspires me to embrace my own sense of discovery and adventure! Enjoy!


Upon a Fold

Upon a fold_montage

When l came across this mesmerising paper store, l felt like a little girl let loose in a sweet shop! These paper treats are the works of an online boutique called Upon a Fold. Based in Sydney, Australia, founders Justine and Matt, have extended their graphic design passion to play in the cut and fold world of paper. Working with artists from around the world, Upon a Fold presents the paper form in an exquisite and irresistible light. l adore the idea of being tempted by such sweet delights, ranging from a pop-up village to a paper safari. Let your imagination go wild!


When Wanderers Cease to Roam

When Wanderers Cease to Roam 

WWCTR_June page

l was given this beautiful book by a dear friend of mine as a birthday gift. Having untied the pretty bow, and unwrapped the elegant paper, l found myself immediately bowled over by the spellbinding illustrations and amusing anecdotes. When Wanderers Cease to Roam - A Traveler's Journal of Staying Put by Vivian Swift is not simply a journal, or a travel memoir, but a unique reading experience, reflecting personal adventures and the enjoyment of "staying put" within the cycle of a year, from January through to December. As a designer, l find the hand-written style most visually striking, and have decided to read each chapter month by month...here's to October - l wonder what treasures are awaiting to be discovered?