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Coffee & Cake Stencils

Stencils on cakesPhotograph:Marino Thorlacius

Autumn has offically arrived, and with its rich tapestry of mellow colours, glowing in the crisp morning air, my thoughts rapidly turn to freshly-made coffee and chocolate cake. Megan Herbert's stencils place the icing on the cake (and coffee) in an amusing and artful way. With a gentle dusting of cocoa powder or sugar, a knitting pattern magically appears...surely divine inspiration for the approaching winter months!

Intimate conversation over coffee and cake is the traditional Icelandic way of staying updated and strengthening bonds. A heart-warming tradition which l believe can be beautifully woven into the fabric of life.


To Dry For

Puppy_tea towel 01
Puppy_tea towel 02

Who would have thought that the task of drying up could be so stylish and vibrant?, the online tea towel boutique most definately raises a smile with their designer tea towels. l came across this engaging website last December, and the above design called 'Puppy Love', in particular drew my attention. l love the idea that this tea towel can be transformed into a dog! Certainly a great opportunity to re-discover your very own haberdashery skills! Set up by founders, husband and wife team Sally and Dave, l believe these quirky tea towels without a doubt, puts the fun back into drying up!


Book sculptures


When l look at the intricate book sculptures by artist Su Blackwell, l feel as though, l have suddenly stepped into the magical world of folklore and fairy tales.

Each sculpture is created from a second-hand book, which l feel makes Su Blackwell's work even more delightful. Her art surely inspires us to look at the traditional book form in a completely new way.

Su Blackwell currently has an exhibition at The Brontë Parsonage Museum, Haworth, which will be on display until 28th November 2010. l am very excited to announce, that l will be visiting this exhibition at the beginning of November!

This chosen image is Alice: A Mad Tea Party, 2007

Copyright Su Blackwell 2010. Photographer Andrew Meredith. Book-cut sculpture, cut from second-hand edition of Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, with original illustrations by John Tenniel.


Joseph Cornell

Joseph Cornell website

I was first introduced to the enchanting world of Joseph Cornell as a sixteen year old graphic design student. From that magical moment onwards l was captivated by his "Art in boxes". A couple of years later, before continuing my studies at Edinburgh College of Art, l took the opportunity (as part of a student project) to create a visual piece called "The History of the Pencil" inspired by Joseph Cornell's art.

More recently, l came across a book called, "The Joseph Cornell Box: Found Objects, Magical Worlds" by Joan Sommers and Ascha Drake. l feel this book captures the very essence and charm of Joesph Cornell's boxes. l invite you to explore this beautifully crafted book and related website, to discover the world of Cornell that continues to capture my imagination.

Introducing Looking Glass

Welcome to Looking Glass!

The fresh breeze of September has finally arrived, and so has the beginning of Looking Glass - an extension of my established Seaglass graphic design business, in the form of an on-line sketchbook.

Looking Glass has been set up with the objective to share my creative inspiration with you. A reflection of the various artforms, and ideas that inspire me as a graphic designer, captivating my imagination. l also visualize Looking Glass to be a creative space in which l can share, develop and explore my artist side.

Perhaps, you may even catch a glimpse of your creative self?

l firmly believe that creativity can generate a plethora of ideas, that are simply waiting to be discovered. Art in all its glorious forms has the powerful ability to uplift the heart, raise a smile, and create change.

l invite you to utilize Looking Glass, as a haven to play, a space to open the minds eye, and to have fun!

Explore, discover, enjoy...